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General support site (Software Support Online) frequently asked questions

What resources and services are available on Software Support Online?

HP Software Support Online is a fast, efficient way to access interactive technical support tools and account information for your HP Software solutions. With Software Support Online, you have online access to the information and tools used by HP Software support experts, such as the knowledge database for troubleshooting and product information. You can also manage your account with access to information and tools for licenses, passwords, updates, and patches.

Why should I use Software Support Online?

Software Support Online is available anytime, from anywhere. As an HP Software user, it provides you a quick, direct link to all types of technical and non-technical information about your HP Software solutions, all in one place. In addition, calls logged via Software Support Online receive efficient handling and can be quickly routed to an expert who can address your specific issue.

Who can use Software Support Online?

All HP Software contract customers have access to Software Support Online. Simply register on Software Support Online via HP Passport.

What is HP Passport?

HP Passport is a "single sign-in" service that enables you to use a single user identifier and password of your choice to register with HP Passport enabled web sites. It is a web-based application that will allow you to create web profiles that simplify navigation through our web by
  • Utilizing a single user name and password (of your choice) to store personal information that is required in certain portions of our web
  • Providing access to a vast array of electronic support services (e.g. knowledge base, proactive notification via e-mail subscriptions, online support)
  • Any information collected in prior registrations will be remembered, eliminating the need to reenter the same information
» More information on HP Passport

How can I submit a support case online?

Logging a case online is the most efficient and effective way of detailing your problem and enables faster resolutions. The progress of the call can also be tracked.

» Submit a support case online

How can I track a support case online?

You can track support cases that you submitted to HP online or by telephone. In addition, you can post additional comments to your open support cases, view Response Center replies, and monitor call status and history. Currently, support cases that were submitted online are available to you online indefinitely.

» More information on tracking support cases online

I cannot view my existing open and close technical incidents on SSO

The following criteria for your technical incidents to be viewable on SSO:
  • SAID must be in your HP Passport profile
  • SAID must be active (renewed, on or after the start date of the contract)
  • Your open and closed cases must be logged against your SAID

I have a new HP Software only SAID and I cannot see my existing open and closed cases on SSO - what do I do?

  • The new HP Software SAID must be in your HP Passport profile
  • The new HP Software SAID must be active (renewed, on or after the start date of the contract)
  • Your open and closed cases must have been logged against the existing SAID
HP is automatically mapping your open and closed cases from your existing SAID to your new SAID once it is active (renewed) to your open and closed cases that are linked to your existing SAID.

If you still cannot see your cases after the above conditions are met you can submit a non-technical incident via the Software Support Online portal
  1. http://www.hp.com/go/hpsoftwaresupport you will need to log into the portal using your HP Passport credentials
  2. Select "Problem Reporting" from the left navigation bar
  3. Select "Submit support case"
  4. Select the "Non-technical/business" radio option on the right of the screen
  5. Select "Website Functionality" from the "Problem Category" list
  6. Select the correct SAID from the list, complete the case submission screen prompts, and provide the details for your issue

How long are support cases kept on Software Support Online?

Following HP data retention policies, cases are removed from the system after two years.

Is there an online discussion forum for HP Software users?

Yes, a discussion forum is available for HP management software, including HP Software solutions. It is the gathering place for IT Professionals to solve problems, exchange ideas, and learn lessons from their fellow peers who also use the discussion forum. Plus, HP engineers participate in all of these forums to share their advice.

» Visit discussion forums

What are remote support sessions?

HP offers worldwide support for the HP Software family of products. While working with you to resolve an open support incident, your HP Software support representative may determine that it is beneficial to observe and interact with you and your environment directly. HP Software utilizes an application-sharing tool that enables remote secure access to your environment through the web.

» More information on remote support sessions

Can I login to Software Support Online using my IT Resource Center (ITRC) account login?

IT Resource Center (ITRC) account logins cannot be used on this site. Please register via HP Passport.
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Using HP Software FAQ's

How do I receive software updates?

Software updates are available to HP Software users with an active support contract via the My Updates Portal. You can register to receive proactive e-mail notifications of updates by registering with the HP Subscribers Choice. The My Updates Portal uses your Support Agreement ID to identify product updates that you are entitled to obtain. The URL for the My Updates portal is www.hp.com/software/updates.

» More information on software updates

Where can I get manuals?

Manuals for all HP Software solutions are available on the installation disk of the software you purchased. Manuals are also available online at the Software Support Online web site. In addition, manuals are available in our technical knowledge base.

» Access product manuals via Software Support Online
» Technical knowledgebase

How can I find out what patches are available?

Patches are accessible via the Software Support Online web site, where you can search for patches by software product name and version, keyword, or patch name. You may register to receive proactive e-mail notification of patches for your selected products.

» Search for software patches
» Patch e-mail notification

What is the HP Software license password process?

Most HP Software products are considered "Secured" and require a License Key to unlock the software. You can obtain your product license keys via several methods:

» Web site (HP Licensing Portal)
» Support Case
» E-mail or phone request

» Obtaining license keys related to product upgrades
» Important information on support registration and password process
» More information on the license activation process (.PDF)*

What is the HP Software product version obsolescence policy?

HP Software customers who have purchased support plans deserve timely communication of HP's plans to obsolesce previous versions of our products, providing you the time required to plan the appropriate updates to your HP Software solutions. With that in mind, we encourage HP Software users to review the End Of Support guidelines. HP Software product version obsolescence process begins when a product version is removed from HP's Corporate Price List and orders can no longer be placed.

» More information on product version obsolescence

How can I get the latest status on a Change Request (CR) I have submitted to HP?

The status for a Change Request (CR) are accessible via the Software Support Online web site, where you can search for CRs (both defects and enhancements) by HP Software product name and version, keyword or CR number. You may register to receive proactive e-mail notification of patches or specific CRs for your selected products.

» Search for software change requests
» Change request e-mail notification

Whatís the difference between a Change Request and an Enhancement Request?

A change request (CR) is the umbrella term to describe either a known problem (defect) or enhancement request (additional product functionality) that has been submitted to HP Software. CRs can be submitted by several groups that include but not limited to; customers, support engineers, sales reps, HP partners, R&D, & HP Support Marketing. It is through these CRs that HP Software plans and manages the development cycle of the software product portfolio.

Can I proactively receive information from HP regarding my submitted change request?

You may register to receive proactive e-mail notification of change request for your selected products. An e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address in your HP passport profile.

» Change request e-mail notification

I donít see my product listed when searching for a change request?

HP Software is in the process of consolidating its defect & enhancement work to a single Quality Center system. We expect this consolidation to be complete by the end of the 2009 calendar year. At that time, the majority of our portfolio will be available online for your review. A very small percentage of our portfolio will not be available via the SSO portal for one of two reasons: 1) that product has had an end of life announcement and support will be ending according to HP Policy or 2) the product team has chosen not to release change request information via the SSO portal.

» See HPís Software support life cycle

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